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"Our Vision And Mission Is That All Cyclists May Afford Bike Fitting And Share Our Genuine Experience Of A Joyous Cycling - We Believe Cycling Is For Everyone To Enjoy" About Tengfoong / Bike Fitter: 1. Bike Fitter (3 Years UK - 4 Years Malaysia) Non Commercial Certification 2. Bike Mechanic (4 Years UK) 3. Phisiotherapy Trainee (1 Year UK) 4. 1500 Riders Fitted (International & Local Cyclists) 5. 2013 Fastest Cyclist (UWE Bristol,UK) 6. Racing Driver (2016, 3rd Place Superkart 200cc) 7. 20 Years Of Cycling Experience Internationally (Competes & Travel With MTB, Road, Track, TT) ***** We Are The Only One Recommended By The Selangor State Football Coaches ***** About Custom Bike Fitting (Website - http://custombikefitting.tumblr.com/) 1. Genuine Mechanical Fitting Work (Not commercial fitting services available for sale online) 2. No Extra Costs / Selling Of Anykind / No Top Up Costs (We Match Your Original Equipment To Your Body) 3. We Never Have Any Negative Feedback Even Once Since We Started @ 2011 In UK 4. Free Of Charge Component Tweaks Since 2011 For Our Fitted Cyclists 5. 1st To Setup A Bike Fitting Session In Malaysia @ Home And Visited All Around Malaysia (Muar, Johor - Melaka - Alor Setar, Perlis - Negeri Sembilan - All Around Selangor) 6. We Have Been Contributing To Local Individuals & Group By Giving Free Fitting To Promising Young Cyclists 7. We Work With Professional Individual And Recreational Cyclists (We Have Selangor State Football Players, Kawasaki Team Champion Racer, State Team Cyclists and More!!) 8. We Worked Successfully With Cyclists From Around The Globe! (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Britain, Spain, Hungary, Holland, France, Germany) 9. 2500 Cyclists Fitted Imagine yourself as an individual with a stiff body (Not flexible). Will you be able to stretch yourself out whilst cycling as most roadbikes are without suspension - All the vibration and stress goes to your own body. Combine that with a bad diet or lifestyle (Smoking, alcohol, late night sleep). This for certain will contribute to a negative cycling experience even with a good bike fitting. We will talk faster and aero when one eliminates all these. @ Custombikefitting Malaysia, we treat you as a pure cyclist unlike in bike shops or unethical fitters where you are to upgrade your bike to make them "faster, aerodynamic or better" even with conditions above. We believe most components OEM on your bike is good unless proven otherwise and the ONLY ONE importance of improving the cyclists body plus adaptability to suit your own self with your bicycle and be comfortable on it. We give you honest advice according to your needs and weaknesses as we want the rider to be the strongest part of the Human + Machine combo. Hence our widely copied motto - Comfort First And Then Comes Performance - Do not confuse yourselves with our lower price - We are being honest and our work never missed a beat hence our ability to work among the best in UK and EU plus still working with international cyclists in Malaysia. Our discount and support for young cyclists makes us real proud as we are helping to improve the future generation dreams bit by bit. We Are Proud To Offer A: (Stage 3 Custom Bike Fitting, UK) Via Mounted On Turbo Trainer And Our On THE ROAD VIEW© + Camera Motion Capture/Recording With Professional Bicycle Tools, Industrial Precision Tools and Spirit Level that covers: 1. Your Own Body Geometry To Suit Your Bike Frame + Frame Suitability 2. Setup On Frame Size, Stem Length/Angle, Handlebar Size/Angle, Shifter's Position, Saddle Position/Angle, Seatpost Height, Crank Length And Stack 3. Alignment Of All Bike Components And Applying Custom Balanced Setup Suited To Your Body And Style 4. Full Cleat Positioning And Angle Setup With Pedals + Custom Shoes Setting 5. Technical And Safety Check On Your Bike Component With Tuning On Mechanics 6. Full Body Flexibility Evaluation (Yoga + Phisio Stretching) 7. Advice On Your Cycling Style - Body posture, Flexibility, Cycling Skills, Diet and Training Ways. 8. Detailed Printed And Written Report On Your Completed Bike Fitting 9. Detailed Explanation On Technic And Skills To Suit Fitted Individual Cycling Style > 3 Hours Session > RM300 Stage 3 Custom Fit For Young Riders Under 18’s (Special Support) *Please Refer To Our SuperBasic Fit Here* Our Place - Cheras Batu 9, Selangor Or We Can Visit You Anywhere Our Contact - teng2foong@hotmail.com / +60189744121 (Call Or Whatsapp) Our Website - http://custombikefitting.tumblr.com/ Facebook Group - custombikefitting cycling group Instagram - tengfoong_custombikefitting_my - Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/custombikefitting/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Thank you for reading and have a joyous ride!! Photos below are examples of bikes that we have worked on plus check out our feedback!

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