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Enfitnix CubeLiteII taillights Intelligent sensor Brake lights usb Road bike MTB CubeLite Xlite100


Second gen Enfitnix Xlite100 CubeLiteII Bicycle taillights Intelligent sensor Brake lights usb Road bike MTB CubeLite Rear taillights Auto brake SMART ( Package Come With 2 Mounts ) SADDLE / SEATPOST MOUNT INCLUDED The new CubeLite II is a second generation product to replace a XLITE100 with a single enclosure. It has been fully upgraded and improved both inside and outside: the MCU uses a more powerful ARM CORTEXT M0 processor and the sensor is upgraded to TDK's 6-axis motion sensor. The motion algorithm is carefully optimized, the motion recognition capability is enhanced while the energy consumption is reduced, and the running time is extended by about 10 hours. 1) Add automatic daytime running light mode to ensure that the nighttime light is soft and visible during the day 2) Using a more powerful ARM 32-bit processor, the data processing capability is more powerful 3) Using TDK (Invensense) 6-axis motion sensor, the motion response is more accurate 4) Improve battery life by optimizing power consumption design, with a maximum running time of up to 30 hours 5) Improve the mounting bracket, which is easier to assemble and disassemble 6) Standard support cushion, seat rod installation and backpack installation 7) Omit the automatic/manual switch to improve reliability. Enfitnix CubeLite II Smart Tail Light. Features Brake Sensing Light + Motion Detect IPx5 Water Proof Smart Day Light Mode Auto Start/Stop COB LED Low Bat Indication Saddle and Seatpost Mount 30+hrs Run Time CNC Chassis Specifications Operation Mode: Manual and Auto Mode Flash Mode: Flash, Breathe and Constant on Luminous: 30Lm Battery:400mAh Run Time: Flash Mode>30hrs,Breathe>15hrs,Constant On>10hrs Weight: 31g(Saddle Mount, 36g Seatpost Mount Colour: Black,Red,Metal Water: Proof IPx5 Input: DC5V 300mA Black rm75 https://www.icebikeheaven.com/promotion/xlite100-cubeliteii-bicycle-taillights-intelligent-sensor-brake-lights-usb-road-bike-mtb-cubelite-rear-taillights How to Order —————— 1.Product Option: 2.Quantity: 3.Color: 4.Name: 5.Address: 6.Contact number: Send to ☎FB http://m.me/icebikeheaven ☎ http://www.wasap.my/60174204398 Sales, Order, Customer service ☎ http://www.wasap.my/60195272398 After sales/ Warranty FOLLOW US ———————— ✔ https://www.ebay.com/str/icebikeheaven37 ✔ https://shopee.com.my/icebikeheaven?tab=shop ✔ http://www.lazada.com.my/ice-bike-heaven/ ✔ https://fb.me/icebikeheaven ✔ http://www.lelong.com.my/merchant/icebikeheaven.htm ✔ https://www.instagram.com/icebikeheaven37/ Buy from Us! —————————————————— 🚴🏻💯% POSITIVE FEEDBACK 🚴🏻💯% Warranty & After Sale Service 🚴🏻💯% PARCEL ARRIVAL GUARANTEED 🚴🏻💯% ❌hidden charges 🚴🏻 7️⃣ days size exchange 🆗 🚴🏻 7️⃣ days 100% 💲💲 Guarantee back ☄ Prompt response 🥇♞ Registered SSM company- Icebikeheaven 🥇 5 Years of experience Want to earn extra income up to rm1000-2000 per month? pm us to do part time dropship

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